People of the Book

Podcast with Meryl Ain

In her podcast, People of the Book, Meryl chats with authors and storytellers in thought provoking and intimate conversations — all with a Jewish twist. The interviews span historical themes, contemporary issues, the writing process, and the influences that inspire and empower writers to tell stories and share them with the world. The podcast is a copyrighted presentation of The Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.

Listen to Episodes

Episode 25: Robin Kall

Episode 24: Kitty Zeldis

Episode 23: Deborah Levison

Episode 22: Nora Gold

Episode 21: Rick Kaye and Annette Schwarz Kaye

Episode 19: Isabel Vincent

Episode 18: Martha Gershun

Episode 17: Elan Barnehama

Episode 16: Susan Weidman Schneider

Episode 15: Jacquie Herz

Episode 14: Ruth Rotkowitz and Rose Ross

Episode 13: Roni Robbins

Episode 12: Brad Kolodny

Episode 10: Marilyn Simon Rothstein

Episode 9: Lois Schaffer

Episode 8: Rabbi Dan Ornstein

Episode 7: Sharon Gloger Friedman

Episode 6: Esther Amini

Episode 5: Dan Grunfeld

Episode 4: Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso

Episode 3: Thane Rosenbaum

Episode 2: Julie Zuckerman

Episode 1: Michelle Cameron